Margie Schnibbe
vintage magazine photos, archival glue, polyester thread, bristol paper, 11"x14" each

During one session in 2015, my psychotherapist surprised me by saying I was a sex addict. I assumed this was due to my promiscuity and felt unfairly judged. When I returned home that evening I made this series of collages. Was I castrating the hot men I slept with? Was I castrating my psychotherapist? Was I castrating myself? The images and the title of the series were found in an issue of Stallion magazine from the 1980's. I purchased the vintage gay porn magazine at Circus of Books in Silver Lake in 2012. Margie Schnibbe

hot stud art
sexy male art
naked man art
naked rugged men art
sexy naked men
naked tattoed man men
Castration Anxiety
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